Upcoming Events

Sunday Worship for September through December will be held at 11:00 am.

December 3 – First Sunday of Advent – Communion

December 10 – Sunday Worship Time Change – 9:30 am – White Gift Sunday

December 17 – Sunday Worship Time Change – 9:30 am – Children’s Christmas Pageant

December 17 – Farewell Luncheon at Kenyon Presbyterian Church in Dunvegan – 12:00 pm

December 24 – Christmas Eve Service 7:30 pm – No morning worship today

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Project 200

St. Columba Presbyterian Church will be celebrating 200 years since the formation of its congregation in 2019.  We are asking past and present members to write about their connection to the church.  Ideas: Was your family an original settler?  When and what drew you to join St. Columba?  Did you have special rolls at the church?  And most importanly, what are your special memories?  Pictures are very important!  If you share your pictures, we will return them to you.  Deadline for submissions will be Thanksgiving (October 9, 2017).  We will proof-read the entries then combine them into a Book of Memories of St. Columba which will be available at our 200th anniversary service.  You may send your entries to us via email or in the written form.  If you have any further questions, please contact:

Audrey Nixon Crawford audreynix@bell.net (Alexandria , Master Book, Scribe)

Roy MacMaster (West of Laggan District)

Carlyle MacMillan macmic@magma.ca (Historian, Scanner)

Flora Poulton floraandjim@xplornet.com (Crooked Road, Creek Road, Glenelg Road Historian, Typist, Scanner)

Kathy Ryan (Old Military Road, Glenelg Road)

Evelyn Westgate evelynwestgate@xplornet.com (District 4 Laggan Area, Typist, Scanner)

Margie MacGillivray mmacavon@gmail.com (Kirkhill area, Typist, Scanner)

Lynda Heinsma (Skye Road, Scribe)